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Leader too busy to focus

Many business leaders are held captive by day-to-day operations and neglect strategic planning.

Successful leaders commit time each year to focus on breakthrough improvements that will take their business to the next level.

Thinking of Ideas for creating strategy



"Revealed to the team that there is a common vision"

"It put a spotlight on the need to think ahead and execute on a vision"

"[Gordon Group Consulting] helped facilitate an open discussion and identify objectives where time should be spent purposefully improving the business"

"The structure of the meeting...made it easy to provide honest feedback and opinions"

"Breaking down the steps to achieving goals and having someone accountable for them will be beneficial"

Strategy execution requires planning, discipline, and coaching

We help you create an actionable plan, then follow up monthly to keep you on track and navigate uncertainty


Our business management consultants look forward to helping create your annual strategic plan.

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